Faith For Life 2017-2018

Faith for Life is an adult faith course which has been taking place in the diocese over the past three years.  


It is designed to help participants to discover more energising and empowering ways to live out their faith in the reality of today’s world: through relationships, family, home, workplaces and the events of daily life.  The course aims to help participants to be more active, open, faithful, confident, trusting and willing to work for change. The course is experienced as a journey of four ‘Movements’ that take place over four weekends:


  • Called to Become
  • Church in and for the World
  • Centred on the Word of God
  • Living Faithfully


The four movements of Faith for Life are carefully constructed, indicating that the call of Baptism is inviting us into the human journey to become whole & holy (words with the same root), and ultimately to union with God. As we go deeper into this mystery, we are transformed ourselves and this leads to us being transformative for others. The process always has an inward, outward movement.

To be willing to begin this journey, we need some sense of our own dignity and worth, flowing from the conviction that we are loved and cherished by God (Ignatius’ Principle & Foundation).

We are given maps and guides for the journey. These maps include the Bible and Catholic Social Teaching. As well as our primary guide, Jesus, participants will learn about St Ignatius of Loyola. 

The starting-point is our own experience. We use the skill of reflection to try to be more aware of our own experience, to understand it better and to become more conscious of God’s action and presence within it. The individual’s experience is broadened and deepened through conversation with others, and particularly when it is viewed through the lens of the Christian story – the gathered wisdom of the Tradition.  Each theme considered in Faith for Life offers relevant input to participants and leads them to consider: What difference does what I have learnt make to my everyday life? What changes am I called to make?

Faith for Life 2017/2018 is currently taking place in Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Clonliffe . Twenty five people are registered on the course which began in October and will continue until the first weekend in March.

If you would like to know more about Faith for Life, please contact Rosemary Lavelle or Peter Siney