Pentecost Schools Project 2018 – Godly Play – Ecumencial Bible Week – Wednesday 23rd Chapelizod @7:30pm

Pentecost Schools Project 2018 – Godly Play – Ecumencial Bible Week – Wednesday 23rd Chapelizod @7:30pm

Pentecost Schools Project 2018    

The Pentecost Schools Project is being coordinated by Claire Devaney, the Primary Age Children’s Coordinator with Scripture Union in collaboration with the Diocesan Pastoral Parish Worker Jane Mellett in Ballyfermot.

Over a period of six weeks, Claire and Jane have had the privilege in engaging with students in St. Michael’s and St Gabriel’s National Schools in Ballyfermot, St. Laurence’s National School in Chapelizod and St Michael’s School, Holy Angels, Glenmaroon.

This year they are using a beautiful, interactive and experiential process called Godly Play. The process is based on long established, tried and tested approaches and uses symbols and objects as well as words to explore values process in an open and explorative manner. God play encourages people to make meaning for themselves from the stories and Word of God shared. It invites listeners into stories and encourages them to connect the stories with personal experience. Through this new and varied means our hope is that the students would come to an experience of the living word through this process while also coming to understand some of the pillars that make up their faith and that have been handed down through tradition.

They will work with approx. 40 students, once a week for one hour, for a series of six weeks, covering Biblical Themes to include:

1st Week: The Great Family- God with the People of God Gen 12-15, 24
2nd Week: The Ten Best Ways – The Ten Commandments (EX 20:1-17, Deut 5:1-21)
3rd Week: The Exile and Return – God’s presence with the people in Exile (2 Kings 25; 2 Chronicles 36:13-23, Ezra and Nehemiah)
4th Week: The Prophets/ Jonah the Backword Prophet
5th Week: Parables/ Knowing Jesus – Lots to decide from
6th Week: Pentecost

and conclude with day retreat in Scripture Unions Retreat and Adventure Centre at Ovoca Manor, Co Wicklow.

Schools involved this year – 

  • St. Laurence’s Church of Ireland, Chapelizod, St. Michael’s & St. Gabriel’s Ballyfermot, St. Michael’s, Holy Angels, Glenmarron.

Celebration – Wednesday 23rd May, St. Laurence’s Church, Martins Row, Chapleizod, Dublin 20 @7:30