A Prayer Moment for the Care of those who are Sick, Worried and Anxious

A Prayer Moment for the care of those who are sick, worried and anxious…..

‘I express my closeness to all of you, our suffering brothers and sisters, and to your families, as well as my appreciation for all those in different roles of service and in healthcare institutions throughout the world who work with professionalism, responsibility and dedication for your care, treatment and daily wellbeing.” Pope Francis (25th World Day of the Sick)

(If you are alone or with others, you can slowly read the following words. If there is someone you wish to pray for/with – maybe have a photo of them nearby. Begin by lighting a candle, if you can. If you can be silent, pause, breathe slowly and begin to focus your thoughts towards God.)

“Come to me all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)
(Reflect on these words of scripture – and then continue)
Jesus’ words are filled with compassion.
Jesus’ actions are filled with compassion.
In Jesus’ actions, his words become real and active and his dream begins to take flesh.
When he sees the crowds, he ‘feels pity’ for them and sets out to teach them.
In his care and compassion Jesus is filled with the feelings of God for God’s people.
In Jesus, God’s compassion is poured out in the world.

Shared Prayers
Mary, woman of sorrows, your son’s life was filled with compassion. Your life teaches me to suffer with others at this time and place. May I show compassion at the foot of the cross of those who suffer and bring peace and hope in their distress.

God most intimate, you are a God close to our hearts. You have implanted your likeness in us. You know each of us by name and constantly send your love to support us on our way. Breathe calm in my mind, peace in my heart and silence in my soul. In the silence let me hear your voice, in the peace let me see your face, in the calm let me know your love. Amen.
God of our days,
• When I hesitate to be with another, strengthen me.
• When I question the quality of my presence, assure me.
• When I want to show my worth through action, humble me.
• When I miss the needs of the one who suffers, awaken me.
• When I forget the beauty of a loving presence, remind me.

Fill my heart with trust and compassion, Lord.
• May I see you in every face.
• May I hear you in every voice.
• May your love shine through me so that every person I meet will feel your presence. Amen.

Blessed are you Healing God. Your shelter is always with us. Heal those we name this day…. (Pause) May we bring your healing love and hope to those with whom we live and work by the power of your presence shining through us. Amen

St. Teresa of Avila prayed, “Let nothing disturb me, nothing frighten me. Let nothing take away my peace. May I wait with trust, with patience, knowing you will provide my needs at this time. You are my strong foundation and I trust in you.”

Prayers of Intercession

• We pray for all who tend the sick, counsel the distressed or advance medical research. We ask your blessing that in caring for your people, they may experience God’s strength and peace.
• For all those in Government and administer the departments of health and welfare. We ask that they will be guided to value the lives of citizens and direct the correct resources to meet all human needs.
• Spirit of the living God fall afresh on those who are in need of healing and comfort right now. Bring calm and peace to those in pain. Bring strength and hope to those who love them and who wait for good news.
We pray for those who cannot pray and who struggle to believe that God cares for them. May they experience the love and compassion of God in the goodness and generosity of family and friends and health care professionals.
Lord, we pray that you would inspire us
to make a small difference:
May we bring wholeness
through small acts of care
and service. May we bring peace
through small acts of gentleness
and reconciliation;
May we bring compassion
through small acts of consideration
and acceptance;
And in the small ways,
may our small difference make a big contribution
to your saving work in our world.
Our Father….
Concluding Prayer
Fill us, O God, with the Spirit that filled Jesus, your Spirit of care and compassion, to be our rest when we are over-burdened, and to be our gift to others in their trouble. We ask this with confidence in the love you have shown us through Christ our Lord. Amen

– Prayers for Care and Compassion for the sick and those who are anxious V2 Printable Version