The Godly Play – The Story in Jobstown parish…

The Godly Play story continues in Jobstown……

What is Godly Play?
Godly Play teaches children the art of using Christian       language - parable, sacred story, silence and liturgical     action – to help them understand the mystery of God’s        presence in their lives.

Where is taking place?
Although it was originally developed as a resource for children aged 3 to 6, 
Godly Play is now being used with a wide range of age groups in diverse settings including churches, schools, hospitals and care homes for the elderly.

Saule Cameron (Parish Pastoral Worker in Jobstown) and Rosemary Lavelle (Pastoral Coordinator in The Office for Evangelisation and Ecumenism) are trained certified Godly Play storytellers and have been presenting Godly Play stories in Jobstown Pastoral Centre for the past five years. 

They continue to offer Godly Play stories to the young choir in Jobstown         accompanying the seasons in the Church year. We also offer Godly Play stories    regularly to an adult group in the parish. The adults really enjoy Godly Play and through their profound faith sharing they are building faith community.

Holy Week Godly Play 
At this unsettling time of the coronavirus epidemic, we are continuing to keep   our connection with the children’s group and we will be offering recorded stories to accompany them each day in Holy Week. We will be using the material The Faces of Easter, which is a series of eight images of the life of Christ until his death and resurrection.
Godly Play - Post Easter 

After Easter we will send out recorded post resurrection stories once a week using the material Knowing Jesus in a New Way which is a series of images of the appearances of the resurrected Christ. 
Mystery of Easter
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Some background to Godly Play
Godly Play was developed by an American Episcopalian Pastor, Jerome W. Berryman, after he encountered the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd programme in Rome in the 1970s. He set up the Centre for Theology of Childhood centre with his wife and 
Godly Play has now expanded worldwide across all Christian denominations.
Godly Play draws on the educational approach of Maria Montessori. The storyteller guides the children to make their own discoveries, rather than telling them what they need to know. Godly Play is about enabling children to enter into the 
biblical stories and explore their relationship with God and their own experience by engaging with their curiosity and imagination.