Foundational Leadership Programme 2020 – April Session

Foundational Leadership Programme 2020 – April Session.







Greetings all Foundational Leadership Programme Participants. Due to Covid 19 we had to change our approach to how we will assist you complete FLP. We have completely reimagined our final two sessions. Below you are invited to work on your own, or ideally in your Peer Groups through the 5 parts. All the presentations are on the Google Drive – use this link – FLP April  

(If you can complete and get in touch by May 1 – we will have advice then re our Final Retreat and Graduation) 

You Are Invited to complete this session in two ways…..

  • Take each session (6 in total)- and follow it on your own and then in  Peer Groups and Learning Logs– if you can arrange a time – use the questions on each section to help you discuss. Then at the end – send an email reflection to 
  • (Use Ameera and Tomas’s presentation below if it helps to plan a Peer Group – online!)
  • When you have gone through all the modules below – send us your Learning Log with the following points… 
  • Four Questions to be answered after each module:
  • Briefly describe what you have encountered/experienced and or learned on this module.
  • Outline three things that have really stayed with you?
  • Explain your reasons for choosing these?
  • Out three things from this module that have really challenged you? Explain your reasons for choosing these.
  • Briefly outline how you can apply this new learning to your own context. 


Part 1 –  Leading in Prayer – by Christina Malone (Powerpoint with audio, notes and some resources)

Part 2 – Foundations For Leadership – Greg Fromholz  (Video and discussion slides)

Part 3 Leading by Getting by Getting Involved – Natalie Doherty (Powerpoint and notes with audio)

Part 4 – Building Teams and Dealing with Conflict – Gerard Gallagher (Powerpoint with audio notes)

Part 5 – Skills for Leading – Ameera Ahmed and Tomas Mc Namara (Powerpoint with Audio) (This presentation is helpful when planning a Peer Group meeting)

Part 6 Wellbeing and Leaders – Brother Martin Bennett OFM Cap (Powerpoint on googledrive with audio notes)

(If you have any technical questions email Gerard – and he can put you in touch with each of the presenters – Gerard’s Email