Blog: Bray Teen responds to Covid 19

Blog: Bray Teen responds to Covid 19

Evan is a Pope John Paul II Award participant with the Dublin diocese, read about how his JP II award journey has led him to respond to  Covid 19.

Hi, my name is Evan Dargan Hayes and I am 3D printing face shields as an activity towards my Pope John Paul II Award Medal. When the Covid-19 crisis began in Ireland, I was looking to find a way I could help. I saw that people in other countries were coming up with ways to create PPE, for example, people were making cloth masks and some people were using 3D printers to produce face shields. I had bought myself a 3D printer when I finished my Junior Cert last summer, so I thought this was an ideal way for me to do my little bit. 

The face shield consists of two parts – a headband and a visor. After looking around online to find the best design available that was ‘open source’, I started printing them, one after the other. It has been getting me up early every morning as I need to have the printer working for about 12 hours each day as it is such a slow process, with each headband taking about two hours to print. To complete the face shields, I use little protrusions on the headband to hold a clear sheet of acetate in place.

To keep everything sterile until use, I then designed an envelope for each pack containing a reusable headband and five disposable sheets. So far I have given masks to my GP’s practice and to my brother and my uncle who volunteer with the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps, and I am hoping they will be of use to them. And I will be offering them to local nursing homes. I have also now added my name to the production database being coordinated by Engineers Ireland as they are gathering face shields nationally for distribution to the HSE.

– written by Evan Dargan Hayes