Blog: Prayer

In your heart you might be thinking I’d like to pray but I’m not sure how! I have some words of encouragement, many people feel this way, the important thing to do is to take a simple action… your desire to pray is one such step! God is just waiting for us to awaken to his presence. The next step would be to either where you are or somewhere you find restful and simply quieten yourself. Many people find lighting a candle or focusing on a picture of Jesus helpful.
To be quiet is not an easy thing as we can be distracted so easily; worrying about one thing or another. But I invite you to just sit, notice your breath, the breath in through your body and the breath out… God is even closer to you than your breath. Isn’t that a beautiful thought?
You are now possibly wondering – what do I say? The wonderful reality is that turning up, being open to God’s presence is most of the effort! There are so many ways to pray, for today’s challenge I am going to suggest:
1. Spend 90 seconds in quiet and notice what you are thankful for. Once you think of the first thing you are grateful for you will notice it becomes easier and easier until you are overflowing in gratitude. St. Ignatius would say that to be grateful is one of the most important prayers we have. This can be done anywhere and at any time.
2. Reflect on the concerns and worries of your heart for a moment, reflect on what it is you feel you need at this time to help you. Think of it as your ‘daily bread’. Now I encourage you to pray the Our Father and as you pray be mindful of your daily bread and surrender all to our loving father.
3. Spend time with the scripture from Psalm 46:10 ‘Be Still and Know that I am God’. You will find this in your bible if you have one or you can simply google it. I find this piece of scripture so helpful. I pray with it by quietly running the words through my mind slowly and quietly:
Be still and know that I am God
Be still and know that I am
Be still and know
Be still

– Written by Siobhán Tighe