Sharing the Joy – May 27

Sharing the Joy – May 27


Sharing the Joy

One of the things we learn about Mary in the Gospels is the joy that surrounded her. The angels brought ‘tidings of joy’. Elizabeth had a joyful encounter with the young pregnant Mary also. Joy is also associated with Mary and joyful mysteries and the praying of the rosary. At the wedding in Cana, Mary asked Jesus to do something to help keep the happiness of the day alive.

Becoming a person of joy is not easy. You need to be both confident in yourself and at peace with yourself also. Many of us have some days that are tough and challenging. Being a joyful person can also mean having a level of contentment with life. Offering a helpful smile can be more powerful than using words.

Our encounter with Jesus can make a difference on how we encounter others. Getting to know Jesus is a lifelong encounter. Jesus prepared his disciples for time when he would no longer be with them physically. He wanted them always to be ‘one’. He wanted them to share this unity with others by how they lived and acted. He wanted them to share his ‘joy’ with the world.

During this day, reflect on how you can bring joy to another person. Bringing joy into someone’s life can make a difference. So maybe consider making a phone call or send a text message or do something charitable for another person. God is revealed in joyful moments. Today, become a person of joy and live that joy in your life.