A Blessing of school backpacks for COVID19 Times….

A Blessing of school backpacks for COVID19 Times….

A blessing of school backpacks for COVID19 times  

This can be used at Mass either before the Prayer of the Faithful or at the end of Mass.
• Invite each child to stand in their place, with their backpack on their back
• Invite the congregation to pray in silence for each child and their family

Let us pray for God’s blessing on our children in this new school year, that they may continue to walk safely in God’s ways……….

As you carry yoru bag, may you know that Jesus is walking with you and looking after you.

May you keep safe in all you do, may you be more aware of others too.

May you work and play hard and enjoy your friendships safely.

May you keep safe distances and be kind, gentle and understanding.

May you know the warmth of God’s protecting presence in all you say and do.

May the load you carry every day be a light one.

May the Lord help you at school to grow daily in confidence, wisdom and knowledge.

May He keep you, your family and your friends safe, and may you always walk in His presence.

The Children remain standing in their places while the priest walks around the Church and blesses each one.