Peer to Peer – Retreat, Regroup, Renew

Peer to Peer – Retreat, Regroup, Renew

Peer 2 Peer

Peer 2 Peer will help us all Retreat, Reconnect and Renew our commitment to intentional leadership. It is hosted by the FLP Leadership Team

We are inviting all current and former Foundational Leadership Programme Alumni to an evening examining the benefits of Peer 2 Peer support and help.

2020 has been a challenging year for many – however by supporting and accompanying each other there are opportunities that still present to help us lead in uncertain times. 

  • It will take place on Tuesday 24th @7:-9pm – via Zoom/Webinar – just email that you wish to attend and you will be sent the link – Register Here – or

    Who is it for…..?
    We are inviting you to return to the FLP – evening – we will have time for peer groups to meet.

    We are delighted to welcome Brother Richard Hendrick Ofm Cap – who will lead one session 
    And Mark Reilly who is a post-grad student in DCU and volunteering with the FLP programme .

    What do you have to do…. – Join un on the zoom link on the 24th –

  • Do you have no prepare anything in advance – No – just reconnect with your peer group

    Peer toPeer1 – Mark Reilly’s input part 1

  • Brother Richard’s Input – Resiliance in a time of Covid