Young Families – Lent 2021

Young Families – Lent 2021


Saule Cameron is a Parish Pastoral Worker based in Jobstown Parish,Tallaght. To accompany the weekly Godly Play videos, please find below some adapted ideas for Families, taken from ‘Lent at home’ resource, developed by Rev. Dr. Cheryl V. Minor (Director of the Center for the Theology of Childhood for the Godly Play Foundation).

Contact Saule –  -St. Thomas The Apostle parish, Jobstown, Tallaght

PANCAKE TUESDAY ~ Alleluia/Remember Banner

In our Church we have the custom of not speaking or singing the word Alleluia during Lent.

Alleluias are joyful proclamations, which we put away during the more contemplative season of Lent. Putting away the Alleluias for Lent is like putting away a favourite toy for a while – to appreciate it better later. Churches often take banners down or eliminate flowers in the sanctuary. The Sunday readings and prayers take on a more penitential tone.

On Shrove Tuesday (the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday), you may want to make a bunting or an Alleluia banner by writing one letter on each section. A wide permanent marker should work well and some paper, also long enough string to hang it up. You could also do bubble letters and have the children fill them in with colour or drawings.

Afterwards hide the Alleluia away somewhere in your house and make plans to pull it out on Easter morning and display it!

Alternatively you can write the word Remember on the reverse and hang it over your worship table or in your dining room. Then on Easter morning you can turn it over to reveal the Alleluia! 

ASH WEDNESDAY ~ The Mystery of Easter 

On Ash Wednesday create a Holy Table or shelf in your home where you and your family can gather each week.

It could just be your dining room or kitchen table. Place a candle and a purple cloth if you have one, you can also use whatever you feel is beautiful and available at home (no need to buy anything special and most importantly to stress about it if you don’t have it, improvise!).

Place these items in your chosen spot to help create a sacred space in your home where you can gather each week to pray and watch Godly Play videos.

After watching the first one ‘The Mystery of Easter’, you also can continue wondering! To help you to do that, you may want to find some paper and cut out the cross puzzle! You can also use it for your prayer time with the Family.

Lent Question and Answer for families 

Lent is one of the liturgical seasons in Roman Catholic church. It is a time of repentance and reconciliation. It is a period of preparation for Holy Week and Easter. During this period of lent, in our liturgy, we will use a lot of signs and symbols. Example is on Ash Wednesday; we use Ashes to make the sign of the cross on our foreheads. 

  • What does this ritual really mean?
  • Why do we use the colour ‘purple’ during lent?
  • Would you like your children to learn more about Lent in Roman Catholic Tradition?
  • Videos and powerpoint explanations will be available from 16th of February – – Check back here for the link

lent Questions and Answers ppt 



is a Montessori method of telling Bible stories, developed by Dr. Jerome Berryman (USA). Join us for weekly 10 min videos of Godly Play stories ‘The Faces of Easter’ to journey with Jesus & His followers. We hope that the following Godly Play® resource will be a good companion to you Family. ”Lent at Home’ was developed by the Rev. Dr. Cheryl V. Minor, Director of the Center for the Theology of Childhood for the Godly Play Foundation.

I wonder what Lent makes when you live it all the way through? 
Lent is a season when many people look for ways to more intentionally nurture their relationship with God. Jesus Christ’s life, ministry, and death are remembered during this season. It’s also a time to think about how God is with us all the time. You may do this through prayer, reading the Bible, helping others, or some other meaningful way to connect you to God. We invite you and your family to take some time each week to “mark” this important season using material you can find at home! 

The Godly Play The Story in Jobstown parish 

The Mystery Of Easter

The Faces of Easter Godly Play Week 2   

Watch Video Here –  Faces of Easter – week 2 Jesus is Lost and Found

ALL THE ABOVE YOU WILL FIND WEEKLY – check back here for the links

New From Salt and Light Media – 

“YES, LORD!” A Children’s Liturgy of the Word for Lent.
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Hope you and your kids and grandkids enjoy it and that you can help us spread the word!

Blessings to you as we begin this Lenten season.