Keeping It Lit – Podcast – Positive Faith

Keeping It Lit – Podcast – Positive Faith

Keeping It Lit is a podcast all about positive actions based on Faith.

Tomas Mc Namara and Jacob Moran – are graduates of Foundational Leadership Programme and WYD alumni and just really good young adults with a passion for faith! They set up the podcast – Keeping it Lit to give people who are doing positive actions an opportunity to be listened to and to share the knowledge and experiences they have gained through their Faith and actions.

In doing so we hope to inspire you to go out, start and develop your own positive actions based on Faith. By sharing our stories we can learn more and have a greater appreciation for the ways in which we are inspired (by the Holy Spirit) to act in various ways – more ways than you think.

We try to talk to as many different people as possible, getting a wide perspective on the positive actions that people are doing based on their Faith and gaining from the huge range of life experiences, knowledge and actions that come from all these individuals who base their lives on their Faith.

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Please feel free to contact us via our email address we are really happy to hearing any suggestions for guests and if there’s anything you think we can improve.