Walking Together in Hope – Spiritual Journey for Families – Draft

Walking Together in Hope – Spiritual Journey for Families – Draft

Walking Together in Hope – Spiritual Journey for Families

‘The Church is a family of families, constantly enriched by the lives of those domestic churches.’ AL 86 

‘What does the rediscovery of Church suggest?
It suggests that the future of the Church lies here, namely, in rehabilitating the domestic Church and giving it more space, a Church-family consisting of a number of families-Church
We must live the Church within our families.
There is no comparison between the institutional Church and the domestic Church.
The large community Church is made up of small Churches that gather in houses.
If the domestic Church fails, the Church cannot exist.
If there is no domestic Church, the Church has no future!
The domestic Church is the key that opens horizons of hope!’
Cardinal Mario Grech: La Civita Cattolica October 2020

‘Amoris Laetitia Family Year’ commenced on 19th March and will conclude on 26th June at the Tenth World Meeting of Families in Rome 2022

What’s Another Year?
Having hosted the World Meeting of Families so recently one could reasonably ask – what’s another year going to do for us? Will we not have enough on our plate adapting to the post-Covid church and society? Can the two become one?

We propose a ‘family first’ emphasis by offering accessible ideas for nurturing faith at home. The focus on the sacraments of initiation and the catechetical programmes will continue in parallel as points of contact between church and family.

We propose to look holistically at the lives of all family members.
We might notice how a mutual connection can be developed between the home (domestic church), the parish and the wider ‘family of families’.
Is it all a big ask?

Here are some simple and achievable ideas to consider and a possible strategy for making them happen from September – December 2021.

Invite families in our parishes to take part in various initiatives to support faith lived in the home and celebrated together in our parishes. The ‘family of families’ (parish) will be encouraged to reconnect the ‘holy’ to the home by suggesting rituals of faith in the home with parish rituals.


25th August 2021 – the third anniversary of the visit of Pope Francis to St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral.

Some General Principles
Focus on stillness which calms the mind and opens the heart to Godly conversation.
Cultivate simplicity, like Jesus, to encourage the participation of many.
Listen to the Spirit of creative renewal inviting all to walk together in hope as family.

To create moments of hope and joy in family life, with resources suitable for learning, living and leading faith that are complementary to the way family is lived today.

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