Christ The King – Celebrating Young People – WYD 2021 – in the local Church

Christ The King – Celebrating Young People – WYD 2021 – in the local Church


Christ The King and Celebrating youth and young adults in the Church 

Pope Francis has released his message for the 36th World Youth Day which will be held on 21 November (Solemnity of Christ the King) at the local level on the theme: “Stand up. I appoint you as a witness of what you have seen.” (cf. Acts 26:16)

The Feast of Christ the King has been designated as the day the universal Church will celebrate God’s gift of youth and young adult. It is a day set aside to remind the whole Church the important task of accompanying young people on their journey through life.

It is proposed that parishes, communities of faith and groups of young people set a side time to renew and recommit their apostolate to youth

There are many people who accompany youth and young adults. The new Pastoral  Guidelines for the Celebration of World Youth Day in the Particular Churches

aim to enable and empower the celebration of young people in each local Church.

‘These Pastoral Guidelines are intended to encourage the particular Churches to give increasingly more importance to the diocesan celebration of WYD. They are to look on it as a favourable opportunity to be creative in planning and implementing initiatives that show that the Church considers its mission with young people to be “a pastoral priority…’ (Guidelines WYD)

Pope Francis has invited the whole Church to commemorate, celebrate  young people annually on Christ the King.

Archbishop Farrell invites parishes to reach out to young people on Christ the King 


Planning has already begun at an international level for the next World Youth Day in the summer of 2023.

Archdiocese of Dublin has a great reputation for its work in preparing young people who attend and participate at WYD’s.

Since 2019 most of our young adult ministry has been online and only really impacting on a minority of young people. Most of whom were already connected to diocesan initiatives. It is now time to reconnect the digital with the real. (Christus Vivit 90).

It is proposed to relaunch and reconnect with younger people (16-29 year olds) and use the WYD as pathway towards involvement in parish and diocesan gatherings.



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