Days in the Diocese

Days in the Diocese

The “Days in the Dioceses” (DND), the gathering of young people from around the world before World Youth Day (WYD), will take place from July 26-31, 2023.

The young people will have an ecclesial experience sharing faith and being Church in the host communities during the days leading up to WYD in Lisbon.

Between July 26 and 31, 2023, the participants in the “Days in the Dioceses” will get to know the local Church, with its specificities, its people and its region. A program with five pillars is being prepared for this week: welcome, discovery, mission, culture and sending.

“Pre-WYD” or “days in the dioceses” is a gathering that precedes the week of WYD and involves integrating the young people from all over the world in the parish communities, in the various dioceses of the country and, in some cases, in the dioceses of neighbouring countries. During these days, the participants can get to know the host region better, as well as the local Church and its features, and as is also the case in WYD week, they stay in public or parish facilities or family homes. The pre-WYD for WYD Lisbon 2023 will take place from north to south of Portugal, including the islands.

The young people will stay preferably in the homes of families participating in the host parishes and in public facilities.

The “Days in the Dioceses” are a way to prepare pilgrims and host communities for the World Youth Day experience in Lisbon (which will take place from August 1-6, 2023) and will allow young people from all over the world to meet the Pope.

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