Safeguarding Digital Policy Update January 2022

Safeguarding Digital Policy Jan 2022 

The last two years has brought about many challenges in our parishes and diocesan agencies. In our efforts to adapt we embraced information technology and digital media as a means of communication.

Whether it be through the use of Parish Webcams , live media platforms such as Zoom or the use of digital apps such as WhatsApp we have managed to stay in touch with each other. With the benefits of such technology also come the increased safeguarding risks. In September 2021 a working group was formed to examine how we best safeguard children and vulnerable adults using digital media and information technology. We have now updates our 2018 IT/Digital policy (see attachment). It covers every aspect of information technology from the use of mobile phones, emails, webcams, CCTV and photography.

It is very important that all staff, volunteers and clergy are familiar with this policy. If you have any activities involving children such as altar servers, sacramental preparation , family mass groups etc. , please ensure that all adults responsible for these groups are given a copy of this policy.


Should anyone have any questions on the content of the policy, feel free to contact me at